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Do you want to tap into the new, and growing, market of remote workers looking for inspirational work spaces, but not sure where to start?  Where collaboration, creativity and new ideas are developed and your empty spaces are filled when you need them to be?

Hello Swurf. 

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Swurf is a venue browsing app that connects the rapidly growing community of remote workers (Swurfers) with welcoming venues to work in, away from the home or the office.  It’s easy to use, browse and find suitable venues, whether Swurfers are looking for the buzz of a social space or something more peaceful. For hosts, our intuitive venue portal is really easy to use and your venue(s) can be added within minutes. Have the option to add promotions when you need additional footfall and drive incremental food and drink sales from Swurfers who need a break from the home environment.



of businesses plan are adopting a more flexible working strategy post-covid.


of workers will work from remotely at least 2 days per week.


or remote workers cite collaboration, communication and loneliness as their biggest struggle when working remotely

Why become a Host?

The future of work has changed. Swurf supports venues in reaching and connecting with a new customer base.

  • Function
  • Free App accessible by all
    Reaching large and growing User Group
  • Early Adoption by Corporate Partners
    Supporting Wellbeing at Work
  • In App Tools
    Drive Right Business at the Right Time
  • Easy to Use Onboarding Tool
    Minimum Resource and Management

Help shape the future of remote work in your neighbourhood.